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Payment Options
Yes, we accept green backs. Good 'ole U.S. currency.

Personal Checks
Only if they're good! You can mail them to us (10307 Maple Ridge Road, Middleport NY 14105) or you can drop it in our drop box just right of our front door. Or stop in and see us and have a cup of coffee on us.

Charge Cards
You can pay your monthly rent on your preferred Visa/MC/Discover credit card two ways. Your card can recur for your convenience, or you can come in and we can swipe it for you. If it’s recurring you will never pay a late fee.

Internet Banking
Many of our clients use this method for payment. Set it up with your bank to recur every month. Awesome! No fees – no late charges – no stamps and envelopes – no worries. Most banks offer this service for free or a one- time fee. This is the most painless method of payment.

We now offer Paypal. If you have a Paypal account simply log in and send your correct amount of rent to

Good-Bye Late Fee Guarantee

Good-Bye Late Fee Guarantee
This program requires that you sign up for it. Here’s how works – you place a credit card on file so if you forget to pay , or forget to come in, or you get sick, or your on vacation – no worries – we will charge your card for the normal payment on the 6th of the month and you will never see a late fee – COOL!

Refund Policy