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Unit Sizes

5x5 storage unit5x5 Storage Unit or 25 sq.ft.
These units hold boxes, files, small pieces of furniture or your collection of beany babies.

Rate per month $35.00

5x10 Storage Unit5x10 Storage Unit or 50sq.ft.
College students love this size or should I say Mom and Dad love this size, so they’re stuff isn’t cluttering up the garage. Harley owners love these as well because their safe and secure for their babies.

Rate per month $45.00

10x10 Storage Unit10x10 Storage Unit or 100 sq.ft.
Our most popular size – these units go fast. This unit is the perfect size for a 1 bedroom apartment. Some folks use this unit as a seasonal garage for lawn equipment to snow blowers, anything to keep the garage clean!

Rate per month $70.00

10x15 Storage Unit 10x15 Storage Unit or 150 sq.ft.
Holds furnishings of a 2 bedroom apartment. This unit also can hold a small car like an MG or a Bug. Holds seasonal toys like snowmobiles and jet skis. Small business owners like this size to store extra equipment when they’re not using it.
Rate per month $85.00

10x20 Storage Unit10x20 Storage Unit or 200 sq.ft.
This unit is ideal for the small 2 to 3 bedroom home, but it is not for your mother-in-law. This unit is equivalent to a 1 car garage. This is a very popular size and when one comes available; it’s gone- gone- gone – quickly.
Rate per month $105.00

10x25 Storage Unit10x25 Storage Unit or 250 sq. ft.
This unit fits the full size 3 bedroom home adequately. Commercial customers use these for storage of products and supplies.
Rate per month $130.00

10x30 Storage Unit10x30 Storage Unit or 300 sq.ft.
This is our big daddy unit and it can pack out a large home. This unit also holds a full size vehicle while storing many other items.
Rate per month $145.00

Prices as of January 1, 2021